Museum of History/Future
A series of posters tackling the importance of our own history and how it can help us learn about our future.
Graphic Design, Illustration, Pattern Design
Juventa Fest
Visual identity proposal for Juventa Fest, theatre festival for high school students.
Branding, Graphic Design, Print Design
Traditional Balkan Witchcraft
Exploration of alternative heritage of the Balkans region through typography, photography and brand development.
Typography, Digital Photography, Graphic Design, Print Design, Costume Design
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
A book of illustrations and quotes from Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". Based on the conversations of the characters from the book and their interactions.
Illustration, Print Design, Graphic Design
Deathgripped - typeface
Deathgripped is a serif display/ decorative typeface inspired by old medieval texts, handwritten manuscripts and dark cathedral crypts.
Calligraphy, Typography, Graphic Design
Digital Drawings
Collection of various digital drawings.
Drawing, Digital Art
Planet Andol
Promotional photos for the indie rock band Billy Andol.
Digital Photography, MakeUp Arts (MUA), Fashion Styling
Photos inspired by the life of Poppaea Sabina, a Roman Empress as the second wife of the Emperor Nero.
Digital Photography
Minimalistic Song Posters
A series of minimalistic posters of selected songs.
Graphic Design, Illustration
Fashion photoshoot inspired by Frida Kahlo.
Digital Photography, Fashion Styling, MakeUp Arts (MUA)
Self-portraits (Album Covers)
A series of selfportraits in form of album covers for different genres of music.
Digital Photography, Fashion Styling, Graphic Design